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About Broz Frescoball

Rodrigo and Leo are two friends who enjoy playing frescoball. They wanted to include even more friends and family in the game and decided that an opportunity existed to develop a business to promote frescobol in Australia. Broz Frescoball was then founded as the result of this idea in 2019 and since then Rodrigo and Leo have been playing and meeting people who also appreciate the opportunity to spend the day outdoors.

Our mission is simple. To have fun whilst being active with friends and family!



Join Our Community!

The Frescoball catch up” group was created to meet friends at the beaches and parks not just to play Frescoball, but it was also an opportunity to grow our community and make new friends.

Any member of the group can propose days and places between each other. If they don't have rackets, we from Broz Frescoball are happy to share ours. Let's have fun!


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